It's easy to get liquidity with DeFrag.

How does it work?

1️⃣ Deposit eligible collateral assets.

2️⃣ Instantly borrow USDC.*

3️⃣ Repay anytime.

*Keep in mind the more you borrow, the higher your interest rate. DeFrag’s loan APR is calculated using the Black Scholes Model, meaning your APR varies based on your Loan-to-Value ratio. Learn more about fees here.

Why borrow?

  • Get additional liquidity without selling your crypto assets.

  • Increase crypto-asset exposure with borrowed funds.

  • Pay near 0% APR when you keep your Loan-to-Value ratio below 20%.

  • No utilization APR% spike: your cost of borrowing (APR) is based on your LTV and is not affected by the current utilization ratio of the pool. In other words, your APR won't go up just because others are borrowing more from the pool.

  • DeFrag future incentives for early users/supporters.

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