DeFrag is a DAO from day one. We are committed to community-based governance. Each Metamatician NFT will grant 1 vote within DeFrag's governance.

The protocol code-base is open-source and maintained by the community via DeFragDAO.

Each Metamatician NFT is entitled to 1 vote within DeFrag's governance and is used to:

  • Claim protocol rewards.

  • Access #Metamatician discord discussion channel exclusive to NFT holders.

  • Align incentives between DeFrag protocol stakeholders (underwriters, borrowers, builders, etc.) with liquidity mining programs.

  • Steward the development of the protocol & get community feedback on important parameters such as which NFTs the protocol should accept as collateral and how to price option premiums as insurance for those assets.

  • Unite all current and future DeFrag products.

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